5 Creative Ways to Use Your Instant Pictures

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Instant Pictures

If you are in search of creative ideas to use your instant pictures then here are a few simple and creative ones:

Send-away cards:

Use your instant pictures as gift cards, thank you cards or postcards. You can scribble a message or wish below the picture and send them away with the gift or you can take a picture of the gift you have received and can send it to the giver with a “thank you” message. This action will touch the heart of the person receiving/giving the gift.

Instant pictures are perfect for giving away to your guests, as a reminder of you and that day. You can always take instant pictures and give them to the people as a present.

polaroid beach

Use them as a gift:

You can stack instant pictures in different orders or designs in a small box and then gift them to your loved ones. Or an album filled with beautiful moments is always admirable. Receiving pictures as a gift will be like receiving precious moments.

creative way to use polaroids

Travel Journal:

If you are a travelling person then these instant pictures can serve you best by building your travel adventures. Capture your amazing moments, write down a message about the place or the name of the place and then just paste it in your journal. Each time you open  it will make you recall all those long-gone nostalgic moments

travel polaroids

Home Decor:

Get creative with your instant pictures by using them to decorate your room or home. Here are a few ideas to use them as decoration:

  • Clip your instant pictures on a wire or board and hang it in different ways or on the wall in your room. For more beauty and enhancement, use fairy lights to add blooming and charming effect.
  • Make collages of different sizes and shapes and stick them on your wall or cupboards.
  • You can also affix them to your wall in different shapes, styles and designs. For example, heart shape or tree form will look quite good.
  • You can either simply paste them on your refrigerators/cupboards or you can frame those instant pictures and put them on your tables/shelves.

instant pictures for home decor

Memory Books for Weddings or Parties:

Last but not least; you can make memory books for your achievements, parties or weddings with your instant pictures

On your wedding day, you can take different pictures with every guest and make them write a message for you below the picture. Then you can fix them in your memory books. Each time you’ll open it, all the memories of that day will come rushing back into your mind and will hit you on the spot.

instant pictures journal

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