Instax Film Guide

Instax Film Guide

Instant photography is completely dependent on Instant Films, we all know that. Instant film or photo paper seems hard to get, but for your comfort, Fujifilm is producing their own instant films, Thanks to the popularity of their Instax Cameras. It is called Instax film.

Using Instax film is actually pretty easy, but we don’t always understand how it actually works inside our cameras. Instax film works differently than Polaroid films. Did you know that Instax cameras use a “developer backing” that creates an image without printing?

How Instax Film Works Inside the Camera?

First, you need to take out the films from their box and put a pack of 10 films in the camera according to the given manual. The front side is covered with a protective sheet. You must put the films along with this sheet inside the camera (Be careful about the films as contact with the light can destroy them). Once they are inside, turn on the camera and click the shutter. The protective sheet will slide out. Now the films are ready for use.

What happens inside is that for a small interval of time, the camera allows the light coming from a scene to collide with the film. As a result, of this collision, a chemical reaction takes place that records the light and color pattern. Instax film is made up of plastic base coated with tiny silver compound particles. Silver atoms are formed when light photons combine with a silver compound.

The film then slides out and takes a few minutes to fully expose the image that you have captured. Chemical developers and dye developers already present in the film help in presenting you a beautiful bright picture.

How cool is that? 🙂

Different Types of Instax Films:

Instax film made by Fuji comes in two formats: Instax Mini Film and Instax WIDE Film. With these films, you can get a sharp, vivid and clear reproduction of instant pictures.

  • Instax Mini Film: It is of about credit card size (54 x 86 mm) with a picture size of 46 x 62 mm. Mini-films are for all Instax Mini cameras and comes in a cartridge. Instax Mini films are available in several different frame designs. For example; Rainbow, Candy pop, Stained Glass, Shiny Star, Comic, Airmail, Stripe and Hello Kitty designs are available.instax mini film types

fujifilm instax film

  • Instax WIDE Film: It is for Instax Wide 300 and Instax Wide 210 cameras. These are also delivered in the easy-to-load cartridge. They are present in the white frame design having 108 x 86 mm film size and 99 x 62 mm picture size. The Resolving power of a WIDE Film is 10 lines per mm.instax wide film

A pack of Fuji Instax Film usually contains 10 films, which mean you can get ten images with one pack. These films are relatively cheaper than the traditional Polaroid films. A pack of white films will cost you less than 10$. You can always get them separately in case you run out of them.

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