Instax Mini 50s Review 2019

Instax mini 50S camera review (2016)

Weighing just about 400 grams, the Instax Mini 50S instant camera from Fujifilm is a simple and fun-to-use instant camera that you can grab for less than $100. It comes only in a shiny piano black finish and a bit chunkier than other Instax mini models. It features an automatic film feed and takes decent instant photos with its high quality lens. The camera is powered by two CR2 Lithium batteries, which is provided in the pack.

instax mini 50s piano black

The lens has 3 positions and it is automatic and collapsible. This instant camera allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait photos with two shutter buttons, one in the front, above the lens and the other on the top right corner. However, as the name suggests, it can only take “Mini” photos, which are a tad bigger than a credit card. The photos are printed on a Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which costs around $19 for two bundled packs. (20 pics)

Although the camera allows you to take decent photos of distant objects, you will get the best results by keeping the focus range at 60 cm. Fujifilm has provided an additional lens for taking close-up shots of objects within 30 cm distance. It features a built-in automatic flash, self-timer and comes with a button that allows you to make the photos lighter or darker according to the lighting conditions. The built-in self- timer button gives you the option to automatically produce two copies of the same photo to share it right away with your friend or loved one.

Is Instax mini 50s a camera for you?

If you are looking for a low-priced instant camera that can offer you a decent photo quality, then there’s nothing better than an Instax Mini 50S. This is a fantastic camera for those who still wistfully long for those long-gone Polaroid days of instant photos. This easy-to-use camera is a magnificent conversation starter at weddings, parties, or a casual evening jamboree at a bar. It also makes a perfect tool for capturing those precious casual moments of your loved ones at a family gathering or a college reunion.

If you are one of those conservative photographers who still crave for some physical buttons on the cameras, then this instant camera is definitely worth checking out. This inexpensive instant camera from Fujifilm is also great for people who still love that retro overexposed look of images coming out from a Polaroid. Instax Mini 50S only has basic controls, which makes it super easy to operate for kids and for those who get easily overwhelmed by the intricate operations of a digital camera.

Instax mini 50s examples:

instax mini 50s example indoors

  • This picture was shot with the front shutter button to get a stunning landscape photo of the wonderful partying couple in a dimly lit London pub.

instax mini 50s example outdoors

  • Here is how a landscape mode outdoor photo from Instax Mini 50S would look like

instax mini 50s example

  • Here is a funny portrait mode snap of a little girl and her cute dog,  taken indoors with the portrait button.


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