Top 3 Instagram Accounts about Instant Photos

It might seems odd, but using Instagram to post ”Old School Instagram” is such an amazing idea.

Instagram is becoming one of the best social media networks to discover images about any specific topic. Of course, instant photography is something that you don’t want to miss!

If you are an instant camera fanatic and have an Instagram account, then you should grab your Smartphone and start following them.

  1. Instax Cameras – Over 11k followers

    The perfect account to follow if you are starting your research about instant photography. It is full of cute instant pictures and there are a lot of posts with creative ideas about how to use your instax camera in unique ways. Also, it is our official Instagram account so… you should follow us! 🙂

    instax cameras instagram

  2. Instaxminiru – over 30k followers

    One of the best instagram accounts inspired in instant photography. They have such a beautiful taste in every post the make. Even if you don’t know Russian, you can perfectly enjoy the content of this account.


  3. Mikko_instax – Over 160k followers!

Focused in selling instant cameras via Line and Whatsapp, this Instagram account is one of the biggest to follow regarding instant photography.





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